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quasar synchron deck

Quasar Synchron constructed deck list and prices for the YuGiOh TCG. Red Nova Quasar by peternishimura. I just picked up my 3 copies of the Synchron Extreme Structure and I am psyched to build a turbo synchro deck that has a bit more "umph" then. Quasar Synchron constructed deck list and prices for the YuGiOh TCG. Red Nova Quasar by peternishimura. Use sites like SauceNAO or Tineye for image sources. What if the opponent uses Solemn Warning when i 888 poker.com download Shooting Quasar Dragon then what should i. Mecha Phantom Beast O-Lion Level 2 Machine Tuner Can be Special Summoned by Road Warrior. You cannot edit your posts in this forum. Once per turn, during either player's turn, when a card or effect is activated: Its only purpose is to get out Junk Synchron or Doppelwarrior. Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. Tl;dr while quasar is ideal, it is not the point of the deck. Neue Liste der verbotenen und limitierten Karten für das OCG! You will draw a lot thanks to Tuningware , Darksea Rescue and using De-Synchro will be insane. EXTRA DECK 1 Black Rose Dragon UTR 1 Drill Warrior UTR 1 Formula Synchron 1 Junk Archer 2 Junk Destroyer 2 Junk Warrior 2 Nitro Warrior UTR 1 Road Warrior 1 Shooting Quasar Dragon 1 Shooting Star Dragon UTR 2 Stardust Dragon UTR Extra Deck [15]. That being said I do plan to have Quasar and the means to summon him, but simply don't plan on having him be the go to plan, rather just a back-up option. Tell me about it.

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Yugioh Synchron Deck Profile (April 2016) The last slot can be filled either with Child Dragon, a level 3 wyrm synchro tuner, or Phonon Pulse Dragon. The quick view I provided shows them. I will not drop it. Need help with building Already a member of? Need help with building. Shinra Deck Profile by Eric. It just so happens that it can make quasar so easily thanks to cards like level eater and hyper librarian letting you draw cards and continue your combo. Posts from brand new accounts and those with very low karma will need mod approval after being posted. No advertising, self-promotion. This card's maximum number of attacks per Battle Phase equals the number of non-Tuner monsters used as its Synchro Material.

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Home Yugioh Deck Recipes Decks by Players Yugioh Online Articles and Tips Deck Healer Store. Quickdraw Synchron x3 Junk Synchron x3 Card Trooper x2 Dandylion Doppelwarrior x3 Plaguespreader Zombie Level Eater x2 Tuningware x3 Unknown Synchron x2 Darksea Rescue x3. However, Quasar is still relevant and still very mean. You have read and agree to the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab. All original content herein is Copyright Ascension Gaming Network, Inc. This subreddit is not a marketplace. Oh yeah, 2 Night Beams. Not only we need backup for when Quasar dies it's not an invencible card, trust me. You should always summon it when you see the possible combo. People who viewed this item also viewed. It does however weaken the rest of the deck since you can't run as many of the OTHER good synchro cards. YU GI OH DIVINE DRAGON KNIGHT FELGRAND SHSP-EN SECRET RARE. Use sites like SauceNAO or Tineye for image sources.

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A mostly level set of tuners based around special summoning from the hand and grave. Full Subreddit Rules Click Here Rules: Shinra Deck Profile by Eric. It's free material when I discard it or mill it. Originally it included "Imperial Iron Wall" and "Burial From a Different Dimension" to use the effects of monsters such as "Quillbolt Hedgehog" and "Jet Synchron" repeatedly, when they would usually be removed from play if they leave the field after using their effects once, but that slowed the deck down. Grandmarg Der Megamonarch SHSP-DE Secret Rare! No more, no less.


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